Erotic Art


Svarog's SFXXX Place

"Well well well! Here we are, take a seat! Oh, you are. Can I sit there too? Why thank you! It's me, Candice! That's right, the curve of mean. The wonder of pinkness! The lover of your reviews and have I got a good one for you today! Sit back, relax, and here let me rub that for you. I'm just being nice! I'm a good girl! Except there was that one time...

Woops, off topic again, I just can't help those naughty thoughts. Wow! Neither can you! Today we are going to skip and stroll and drool over Svarog's SFXXX Place and well, we are going to enjoy the ride together. Promise!

I have to say that so far, I'm very intrigued with Svarog's work. It has EVERY thing and I do mean every thing! I'm so ready right now I could burst. The artwork alone will catch your eyes but its the story that's told that will also nab your attention and other things! Oh dear! From chases to captures, to suction cups on nipples. I'm so very interested to try those out. Would you help me? I mean, no no! Oh dear, there I go again!

This is a whole new world of erotic and exotic. The very darkness of it all is hot as any flash of lightning could be and I'm very proud that I get to show you this world, to be with you. To wiggle and breathe upon that neck. Oh wait! That's you breathing on my neck! Hey! Wait a second here! Don't use those!

Oh dear, umm I'm ok! Come on in, stay a while. Subscribe, because you won't be sorry, I know I won't be. Svarog's vision is something to grasp and hold onto and I want you to experience... everything!"


It's All Coming Together!

You want to see this artist's work. We have something even better for you! A bunch of artists have got together to form Three Moons Art. So now you can see this artist plus dozens of others, all in one place and for one small single payment!

That's right! You get this artist's Members Gallery plus thousands more pieces of erotic art for a single subscription price of $24.95!

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